Week in Review: 10/13/2014 – 10/19/2014

Here were my goals last week:

Done!  I started Row 5 this morning (orange squares).  It’s getting to crunch time, so I need to pick up speed on this!


  • Lace Panel on Cardigan – Can I at least get started on making one????

I started it at least….I didn’t get too far though.

  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands (her birthday is coming up next month)

Didn’t get to this one, but I have time still.

  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies (gotta get started on those Christmas gifts!)

Didn’t get to this one either.

Goals for This Week:

My First Fingerless Mitts

I’ve always wanted to try a fingerless mitts pattern, and the October contest in the Stash Knit Down group was to make mitts or mittens, so….PERFECT.

I used this pattern:


And here are mine:


The trouble I had was with the m1R’s.  The pattern calls for a m1L, followed by a number of knit stitches, then a m1R – this creates the increases for the thumb.  But after all my m1R’s there is a gap – see below:


I’ve asked in Ravelry how to remedy this, and I’ve gotten back various responses.  Some said I’m pulling too tightly, some say I should try just doing a m1L there instead of a m1R.  Any other ideas?

Week In Review – 10/6/2014 – 10/12/2014

Here were my goals last week:

  1. Peace Sign Blanket - I finished the edging on the last square of the 3rd row, I just need to attach it.  And I also edged the first square of the 4th row.  Hopefully, I can get all the way through the 4th row this week.  I had a little hiccup because I ran out of black, and had to – (gasp!)  buy some more.
  2. Make Fable Fingerless Mitts – I actually changed my mind on this one and decided to make the Align Mitts instead.  For 2 reasons: 1.  I saw the Very Pink Knits video on the Align Mitts, and it looked like a simple project that I could handle, and 2.  I noticed that the Fable mitts were done flat and then seamed.  No!!!!  No Seaming!!!! I am just about done with the first Align Mitt – just need to do the thumb.
  3. Lace Panel on Cardigan – Didn’t get to this.  My focus is really on the peac sign blanket for October.

I did also work a bit on my log cabin scrap blanket, and I ended up (double gasp!) buying a little more yarn because I just didn’t have enough scraps to finish my 2nd square.  I bought one very pretty light blue skein, and one brown-ish color skein.  I also asked my dear sister if she had any Caron scraps lying around that she wasn’t going to use.  She said she should be able to get me some next week Sunday.  That should help!

My goals for this week:

  1. Peace Sign Blanket – Get all the way through Row 4 (the blue squares).
  2. Finish Align Mitts
  3. Lace Panel on Cardigan – Can I at least get started on making one????
  4. Wrap Jenna’s headbands (her birthday is coming up next month)
  5. Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies (gotta get started on those Christmas gifts!)

Crocheted Slippers for Mom

I wanted to make my mom a pair of house slippers for Christmas, so I tried out this pattern:


These are super cute, but I don’t know what all those Ravelers are talking about by saying this is a quick and easy project!  Not so, for me.  First, my gauge was so off.  I first tried making the size 6-7 because my Mom and I wear the same sized shoes – which is between a 6 and 6 1/2.  And impatient little me, of course, did not check the gauge before completing the slippers.  After I finished, I tried them on, and they were waaaay too small!

So, I gave that pair to my 6-year old DD, who fits them perfectly.

Next, I tried the size 7-8.  But after I made the sole, I measured it, and the sizing was still way off.

So then I tried making the size 8-9.  That still seemed a little small, but I went with it anyway.  I think they will fit, at least I hope so.

Here’s how they look on my ugly feet:


I originally wanted to make blue slippers with gray accent, which is what I did on the first pair, but then after the first pair, I was afraid of running out of blue, so I reversed the colors.  Not as nice, but still super cute.

Great pattern, but I hate seaming, and there are a lot of parts to put together.  First you make 2 left soles, and 2 right soles,  Then you make the top and sides of the slipper, then you edge the top and sides.  Then you stitch the soles to the top and sides you just made.  I made these in a couple of days, but I don’t know, it felt like a lot of work.  Maybe because I’m a crochet wuss, haha!

Week in Review 9/29/2014 – 10/5/2014

My weekly status report is a bit late, but that’s OK, it’s mostly for me anyway :)

Here were my goals last week:

  1. Finish attaching last square for Row #2 on peace sign blanket. – done!
  2. Finish knitting border on log cabin blanket square. – done!
  3. Start first lace panel on cardigan. – didn’t even start it.
  4. Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies. – nope.
  5. Make another headband. – uh uh.
  6. Finish lace panel on cardigan. – nope
  7. Attach squares for Row #3 on peace sign blanket. - I attached 2 squares on Row 3.  
  8. Start 2nd block for log cabin blanket. - I started this, but I’m thinking my log cabin blanket will need to go on a little hiatus because I really don’t have enough scrap yarn to make the 2nd square!  I wonder if it’s OK to mix it up with some Red Heart?

One project I did complete, even though it wasn’t on my list – the Crocheted Slippers for Mom.

My goals for this week are:

  1. Peace Sign Blanket - I am going to focus full force on this.  The October contest on my Ravelry group Stash Knit Down is to finish a long-running UFO, and this would probably qualify as mine.  Plus, it’s so tantalizing because I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I’m probably going to need to buy more black yarn before I’m done though.
  2. Make Fable Fingerless Mitts – If I find I have the time and/or energy, or if I just get bored of the blanket :)
  3. Lace Panel on Cardigan – Maybe…probably not.  We’ll see.

That’s it, short list this week.

Knitted Entrelac Headband

I used this pattern to make an entrelac headband:


Unfortunately, the pattern instructions really really confused me.  So, instead, I used Sapphire & Purl’s video tutorials on entrelac to make the headband.  I got into a little trouble at the twist because I had to sort of translate the pattern instructions to match Sapphire & Purl’s videos…which seemed reversed (where the pattern says to purl, the videos said to knit).  But somehow I managed.  And the bind off threw me off too because bind off row in the video was done on a right side, but the pattern instructions were for the wrong side.  I sort of fudged it, and I think it turned out OK.

I really didn’t feel like I wanted to make this again, but after finishing it, and looking at it…I kind of like it:

grey-gardens_2 grey-gardens_1

I hope Jenna likes it too!