Knit: Summer Girl Dress

So, for some very strange reason, I decided to knit my daughter a dress using very small yarn (sport weight, I think), and very very tiny needles (size 2 2.75 mm).  I messed up a lot in the beginning….I can’t even tell really what happened.  Something about transferring stitches to scrap yarn, and then attempting to knit right off the scrap yarn, and then deciding that that was insane, and then transferring the stitches back to a smaller set of needles, and then knitting from the wrong needles, and ending up having to scrap almost a whole skein of yarn.  It’s all kind of a big miserable blur, but somehow I got through it.

This is no fault of the pattern, mind you, just my own dumb newbiness.  Which, you can see on Ravelry if you like (it’s a paid pattern):—fingering-cotton

(You may need to be registered with Ravelry to see this)

Anyhoo, I seem to be on my way now, knitting the repeats, and chugging along.  I am still making some small errors, which are showing up as little holes on the fabric (anyone know how to fix this?)

Summer Girl Dress - Holes

Summer Girl Dress – Holes


2/14/2103 Update:  finished!  Actually, I finished it on Tuesday night, and my sweet little girl wore it to school today.  It looks really cute on her despite all the mistakes I made.  I guess, in the big picture, all those little mistakes don’t matter so much.  And besides, like someone once told me, if anyone notices them, they are looking waaaay too closely!  Will post pictures of my girl wearing it soon!


2/15/2013:  I have pictures!

knitted summer girl 1

knitted summer girl 1

knitted summer girl 2

knitted summer girl 2

knitted summer girl 3

knitted summer girl 3

Crochet: Fox Amigurumi

Ok, I’ve been very remiss about posting to this blog.  Admittedly, I’m very bad about keeping up with such things.  So, here’s my first, very delayed entry: Crochet Fox Amigurimi.

First, to give credit where credit is due.  The pattern comes from Nimoe, who generously posted her pattern on

Now, on to my experiences.  I first made one for a friend’s birthday.  She is a Shinto, and her particular sect worships the fox as a demi-god.  So, I decided to make her a fox out of yarn!  Well, mine didn’t come out quite as nice as Nimoe’s, but, she loved it anyway, and has asked me to make her another one.  I am currently in the process of making the second one for her.

My daughter, after seeing the first fox I made, insisted that I make one for her as well….in pink.  So, I did.  After she heard I was making a second one for my friend, of course, she insists that I make a second one for her as well….in purple.  So, I am in the process of making that one as well.

Let me say, although the end result, is a very cute yarn foxxy, I can’t stand making these anymore, and would be happy not to make another one….at least maybe not for a year!  So many little parts to make and tuck in loose ends, and stitch together…..(sorry Nimoe).

Nevertheless, I thought this project was worthy of documenting, if only so that I can remember the pain 🙂

Pictures coming soon…..


Update: 1/19/2013

I said I would post pics, so here’s one.  It’s the first orange one I made for my Shinto friend:

Crochet amigurumi fox #1

Crochet amigurumi fox #1


Update: 1/21/2013

Here’s the pink foxxy that I made for my daughter:

crochet amigurumi fox #2

crochet amigurumi fox #2