Crochet: Fox Amigurumi

Ok, I’ve been very remiss about posting to this blog.  Admittedly, I’m very bad about keeping up with such things.  So, here’s my first, very delayed entry: Crochet Fox Amigurimi.

First, to give credit where credit is due.  The pattern comes from Nimoe, who generously posted her pattern on

Now, on to my experiences.  I first made one for a friend’s birthday.  She is a Shinto, and her particular sect worships the fox as a demi-god.  So, I decided to make her a fox out of yarn!  Well, mine didn’t come out quite as nice as Nimoe’s, but, she loved it anyway, and has asked me to make her another one.  I am currently in the process of making the second one for her.

My daughter, after seeing the first fox I made, insisted that I make one for her as well….in pink.  So, I did.  After she heard I was making a second one for my friend, of course, she insists that I make a second one for her as well….in purple.  So, I am in the process of making that one as well.

Let me say, although the end result, is a very cute yarn foxxy, I can’t stand making these anymore, and would be happy not to make another one….at least maybe not for a year!  So many little parts to make and tuck in loose ends, and stitch together…..(sorry Nimoe).

Nevertheless, I thought this project was worthy of documenting, if only so that I can remember the pain 🙂

Pictures coming soon…..


Update: 1/19/2013

I said I would post pics, so here’s one.  It’s the first orange one I made for my Shinto friend:

Crochet amigurumi fox #1

Crochet amigurumi fox #1


Update: 1/21/2013

Here’s the pink foxxy that I made for my daughter:

crochet amigurumi fox #2

crochet amigurumi fox #2

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