Knitted Snowflake Hat

This was my very firs attempt at doing stranded color work, or I guess they call it Fair Isle.  I chose the simplest pattern I could find – a hat with a very simple snowflake design.  Well, guess what?  After I cast on and did the ribbing, I got to the snowflake pattern section and lo and behold!  No pattern….

I searched and searched the blog site where the pattern was posted, but no pattern.  So I googled and found a similar snowflake pattern:


I had to make some adjustments to fit the number of stitches I had cast on, and it worked out.  However, I had some trouble with the instructions for the rest of the hat, so I sort of guessed and what I thought the pattern author meant and well…..I got a very short hat LOL.  It won’t even go over my daughter’s ears when she puts it on.  Oh well….it was my first foray into this knitting technique, so it wasn’t  a total loss.


Crochet Good Luck Cat

11/25/2013; I downloaded a filet crochet chart of a lucky cat design to try my hand at filet crochet.  But I ended up using worsted weight Red Heart yarn – for a couple of reasons.  1st, I thought it would be easier to try to learn filet crochet with a big yarn rather than thread yarn.  2nd, I wanted to use up this yarn I had in my stash FOR OVER 5 YEARS!

Anyway, it turned out the design would have been GARGANTUAN, if I did filet.  So I changed it to dc stitches.  I guess I’ll have to do another project to try my hand at filet – I’m thinking of a dragon pattern I saw on ravelry (, but I’m still debating because the pattern is not free.

Oh, and here’s the link to the chart:


11/26/2013; I made it to row 41 out of 95!  Almost half-way there.  I am sooo going to run out of yarn.  Hopefully I can scrounge some up from somewhere because I would really hate to go buy more of this yarn.  The whole point of doing this project is to use up this yarn!  Haha.  This is why my yarn stash is so out of control.


11/27/2013; I made it to row 45 last night – halfway there.  Hoo boy, I sure hope I can finish this in time for Christmas!  (I decided to gift it to a friend for Christmas this year.)


12/3/2013; Row 70!


12/26/2013; Update: I gifted it to my friend for Christmas – I think she liked it!  I took a picture of it hanging in front of my kitchen.



12/4/2013; Row 75 completed last night.  I finally managed to get a picture of my progress.

crochet lucky cat row 75

Crochet Lucky Cat – Row 75

As you can see, it’s a bit long and narrow – the cat looks fatter in the chart.  I think it may be because of the dc stitches, which will make it longer than it is wide.  That’s OK, I think it would still look nice hanging on a wall?

Peace Sign Granny Square Blanket

Admittedly, I started this a while ago…(blush).  I am kind of working on this in between projects, just kind of making squares when I feel like it.  I had a bit of trouble at first with the pattern, which you can see here:

But I have gotten better at making them.  Some of my earlier squares are a bit wonky, but I’m hoping it won’t matter once I put them all together with a nice border.  So far I made 5 purple squares, 5 yellow squares, and 1 blue square.

peace sign granny square - blue

peace sign granny square – blue

peace sign granny square - yellow

peace sign granny square – yellow

peace sign granny square - purple

peace sign granny square – purple

7/3/2014 Update;

Ok, I finally finished the 5th purple square.  So, here are my purple squares:



So, I have:

  • 5 light purple squres

  • 5 yellow squares

  • 5 blue squares

  • 5 dark purple squares

20 squares so far.  I want to make 30 before I start piecing them together into a blanket.  I made the first orange one this morning, so…..9 more to go!

7/29/2014 Update; Finished the orange squares!



The square on the bottom has a dark brown peace sign, but it looks black.

Update 9/2/2014; I finished making all of the squares – 30 in all!  I even finished edging one of the squares and started edging a 2nd square.  I’ll take pics when I have the two squares sewn together.  I hope this works!

9/18/2014 Update; I finally have more progress pictures. I’ve started edging a few squares and stitched together one row of squares. I’ve just started on the 2nd row:


10/20/2014 Update; I just finished stitching together Row 4 last night, and started on Row 5 this morning.  Sigh….when will this be done????


As you can see, it needs to be blocked.  I will steam block once I’m done stitching all the squares together and then do a final edging around the whole thing in, i dunno, maybe hdc’s?

Illusion Knitting – Practice Circle

I recently became fascinated with this knitting technique called “illusion knitting”.  Basically you use 2 colors, one background and one foreground color.  You then use alternating rows of colors and knit and purl stitches to create an image.  Depending on whether you knit or you purl, one color is more visible than the other on the right side of the work, and viola, you have an image.

I used this practice pattern to try it out:

Here’s how mine came out:

Illusion Knit Circle

Illusion Knit Circle

Pretty cool, huh?  If you look at it straight on, you can’t see the circle as well, but from an angle you can see it very clearly.  I would like to try out one of the more complicated patterns from this designer, but will time permit?

Crochet Tiny Turtles

11/22/2013; A couple of days ago, I decided to try making these tiny little crocheted turtles.  They came out pretty cute.  Here’s the pattern, which I found on Ravelry:

I’m still trying to decide what to do with them.  I’ve toyed with the thought of stuffing them and making key chains, leaving them un-stuffed and gluing them to magnets to make refrigerator magnets….any other thoughts?

They are fun and quick to make, and a good way to use to all my scrap yarn.  I LOVE playing around with the different color combinations.

crochet tiny turtles

crochet tiny turtles