Peace Sign Granny Square Blanket

Admittedly, I started this a while ago…(blush).  I am kind of working on this in between projects, just kind of making squares when I feel like it.  I had a bit of trouble at first with the pattern, which you can see here:

But I have gotten better at making them.  Some of my earlier squares are a bit wonky, but I’m hoping it won’t matter once I put them all together with a nice border.  So far I made 5 purple squares, 5 yellow squares, and 1 blue square.

peace sign granny square - blue

peace sign granny square – blue

peace sign granny square - yellow

peace sign granny square – yellow

peace sign granny square - purple

peace sign granny square – purple

7/3/2014 Update;

Ok, I finally finished the 5th purple square.  So, here are my purple squares:



So, I have:

  • 5 light purple squres

  • 5 yellow squares

  • 5 blue squares

  • 5 dark purple squares

20 squares so far.  I want to make 30 before I start piecing them together into a blanket.  I made the first orange one this morning, so…..9 more to go!

7/29/2014 Update; Finished the orange squares!



The square on the bottom has a dark brown peace sign, but it looks black.

Update 9/2/2014; I finished making all of the squares – 30 in all!  I even finished edging one of the squares and started edging a 2nd square.  I’ll take pics when I have the two squares sewn together.  I hope this works!

9/18/2014 Update; I finally have more progress pictures. I’ve started edging a few squares and stitched together one row of squares. I’ve just started on the 2nd row:


10/20/2014 Update; I just finished stitching together Row 4 last night, and started on Row 5 this morning.  Sigh….when will this be done????


As you can see, it needs to be blocked.  I will steam block once I’m done stitching all the squares together and then do a final edging around the whole thing in, i dunno, maybe hdc’s?


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