Knitted Snowflake Hat

This was my very firs attempt at doing stranded color work, or I guess they call it Fair Isle.  I chose the simplest pattern I could find – a hat with a very simple snowflake design.  Well, guess what?  After I cast on and did the ribbing, I got to the snowflake pattern section and lo and behold!  No pattern….

I searched and searched the blog site where the pattern was posted, but no pattern.  So I googled and found a similar snowflake pattern:


I had to make some adjustments to fit the number of stitches I had cast on, and it worked out.  However, I had some trouble with the instructions for the rest of the hat, so I sort of guessed and what I thought the pattern author meant and well…..I got a very short hat LOL.  It won’t even go over my daughter’s ears when she puts it on.  Oh well….it was my first foray into this knitting technique, so it wasn’t  a total loss.


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