Crochet Butterflies

I tried two different patterns to see which one I liked better.

Here’s the first one:

And here’s my butterfly:


Here’s the second pattern:

And here’s my second butterfly:


Although I liked the pointy wings on the 1st butterfly, the 2nd pattern was sooo much easier on the second butterfly.  And the shape of it is really cute.

I think I can re-create the pointy wings on the second butterfly if I do 5dc, ch3, 5dc on the last round instead of just 10dc.  I’ll have to try that next.

Also a generous Raveler gave me a great idea on how to do the antennae.  I will give that a shot too, and post that.


Update 2/8/2014; I tried the 2nd pattern (the one with the non-pointy wings) but did the 5dc ch3 5dc instead of 10dc on the last round.  Here’s the result:

crochet butterfly

crochet butterfly


It looks almost like the butterfly grace….hmmm, looking at it this closely, I’m thinking butterfly grace might be just a tad nicer.

crochet-butterfly_3I used this butterfly to decorate a birthday gift bag for a little girl who likes purple.


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