Crochet Elegant Hat

2014 is going to be my year of hats!  I’m hoping to have a bunch of hats by the end of the year to gift as Christmas gifts.

My first hat was a crochet hat using this free pattern from Caron International called Elegant Hat: C_ss_elegant_hat

I made the hat in 2 days, so it’s a pretty quick and simple pattern.  The only beef I have about it is the reverse stitch on the band of the hat!  OMG, there must be a better way to do that band!  I HATED doing those reverse stitches!

My hat came out too small for an adult head, but looks cute on my 5-year old daughter:



Overall, I’m pretty happy with this hat….just next time I’ll use a Size H hook instead of a size G hook as the pattern recommends.  And I’ll keep trying it on my head as I go, adding rounds if needed.  I’ll definitely try this again though – it’s a cute hat.


Update 1/29/2014; Hat #8 was a revisit to this pattern.  This time, I used a size H hook.  When i got to the part that starts the single crochet rows, I was worried that the hat would still be too small, so I did an extra row of increases first.  But then, when I got to the band, I was worried that the hat would be too big, and that I was going to run out of yarn (that’s the problem with stash-busting, you’re always playing yarn chicken).  So, I did only 2 rows of the band.  And then when i got to the brim, I was worried that the brim would be too short, so I did an extra row of the brim, all the while hoping and praying that I don’t run out of yarn.  And lo and behold, I finished!  And I didn’t run out of yarn!  Yay, stash busting mission, and Hat #8 completed.

The results were MUCH better this time.  I stayed with a gray band and a gray ribbon this time, just so I could use as much of the yarn as possible.  Pictures:






  1. Pattern starts band base, few lines – then brim – then Band again…wonder where to start for band & finish – before I go to brim…slightly confused……….CARON ELEGANT HAT…..

    • For the hat through brim, just follow the instructions exactly as written….the round numbers are continuous. The author is just telling you where each section starts, but for stitching purposes, just keep going with the rounds as indicated.

      The band is where you stitch back over on Round 25 (just before the band base) with a different color. Hope that clears it up 🙂

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