Knitted Rib-a-Roni Hat

For my 4th hat, I decided I need to do a boy hat.  So I went for a simple knitted beanie with “man colors.”

I’ve had some problems starting it up….not sure why.  In the beginning, when I joined the round, I kept losing a stitch.  I casted on 97, then slipped the first stitch, knitted one stitch, and passed the slipped stitch over, in order to attempt a jogless join.  Then I would start knitting, and lo and behold – I’m one stitch short (I should have 96?).

This kept happening over and over, an so finally, I just did a m1 to get that extra stitch back.  I still don’t know what I did wrong.

After I got past that hurdle, my stitches got twisted somewhere along the way, and my rows are bit uneven.  I think I can fix it with some finagling when finishing the hat, so I’m not going to worry about it.  Onward!


Update 1/13/2014; I finished it this weekend!  Here’s the pic:




Oh, and here’s the pattern, if interested:


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