Illusion Knitting – Teddy Bear Blanket

I’ve had this project in my queue for a while.  I’ve just been waiting for an opportune time to try illusion knitting again.  So when my friend announced that she was pregnant, and I started searching for a baby blanket project, it suddenly hit me.  “Why don’t I make this illusion teddy bear blanket???”  So I ordered yarn from WEBS (, and waited impatiently for it to arrive.  And arrive it has!

Thus, begins my next foray into the world of illusion knitting.  I cast on last night and completed about 3 ridges.  Here’s my progress so far:


It’s not much to look at right now 🙂  By the way, does anyone know how to straighten out the cords on circular needles?  My cords get so “curly” from storage that when I try to work with them, it’s so fiddly….

Oh, and here’s the Ravelry project page for the pattern if you’re interested:


Update 2/19/2014; I have the beginnings of little Teddy Bear feet:




Update 2/25/2014; You can clearly see his feet now 🙂  Starting to work on his body.




Update 3/31/2014; More progress….




Update 4/10/2014; Finished at last!! I made a few mistakes here and there, but overall very happy with it 🙂




Knitted Greeky Hat

Hat #10: Greeky Hat

I am loving this so far….a new knitting technique for me.  The color work is created by slipping stitches, so each row requires you to knit with only one color!  It’s still in progress, but I’m at the decreases so, I should be able to finish tonight.   Here’s the pattern:


Update 2/11/2014 Picture!



Overall, this was pretty easy to make.  I wasn’t too crazy about the Caron yarn, but the blue color is beautiful.  I just think I need to invest in a pair of Addi Turbo circular needles in the short length, because the needles I used were just terrible with the Caron.  It kept “squeaking”, and did not slide smoothly.

I like the shape of the hat, and it’s so cool how you can get that pattern without doing any Fair Isle work!

Crocheted Cat Door Stopper

I’m taking a wee little break from hats to make a crocheted cat door stopper.  As with most Amigurumi, it requires making a bunch of parts and stitching them together, and I hate stitching.  BUT, as with all the Amigurmi patterns I take on, I can’t help it because the little guys are soooo cute.  Check out the Ravelry page:

It’s a free pattern from Lion Brand…which you can get by creating a free account.

I’ve only got the head made, and just started on the body when the “sleepies” hit.  I’m hoping it’ll be a quick in-between project.


2/8/2014 Update:

I’ve got pictures!

cat door stop

cat door stop


As you can see, my daughter adores it 🙂

Really Easy Slouchy Beanie

Update 2/5/2014: Picture is here!



This hat has only 18 rounds of the dc repeats, and one less round of the sc brim.  Still looks pretty slouchy, I think.  Also, as you can see, I bought myself one of those foam head thingies, yay!


Hat #9: A crocheted slouchy beanie.  Unfortunately, I had a limited amount of yarn, so I cut short the repeats, and my hat isn’t so slouchy.  Might be OK though.  I’ll take some pictures, and I’ll be better able to judge.

C_Really Easy Slouchy Beanie