Knitted Greeky Hat

Hat #10: Greeky Hat

I am loving this so far….a new knitting technique for me.  The color work is created by slipping stitches, so each row requires you to knit with only one color!  It’s still in progress, but I’m at the decreases so, I should be able to finish tonight.   Here’s the pattern:


Update 2/11/2014 Picture!



Overall, this was pretty easy to make.  I wasn’t too crazy about the Caron yarn, but the blue color is beautiful.  I just think I need to invest in a pair of Addi Turbo circular needles in the short length, because the needles I used were just terrible with the Caron.  It kept “squeaking”, and did not slide smoothly.

I like the shape of the hat, and it’s so cool how you can get that pattern without doing any Fair Isle work!

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