Illusion Knitting – Teddy Bear Blanket

I’ve had this project in my queue for a while.  I’ve just been waiting for an opportune time to try illusion knitting again.  So when my friend announced that she was pregnant, and I started searching for a baby blanket project, it suddenly hit me.  “Why don’t I make this illusion teddy bear blanket???”  So I ordered yarn from WEBS (, and waited impatiently for it to arrive.  And arrive it has!

Thus, begins my next foray into the world of illusion knitting.  I cast on last night and completed about 3 ridges.  Here’s my progress so far:


It’s not much to look at right now 🙂  By the way, does anyone know how to straighten out the cords on circular needles?  My cords get so “curly” from storage that when I try to work with them, it’s so fiddly….

Oh, and here’s the Ravelry project page for the pattern if you’re interested:


Update 2/19/2014; I have the beginnings of little Teddy Bear feet:




Update 2/25/2014; You can clearly see his feet now 🙂  Starting to work on his body.




Update 3/31/2014; More progress….




Update 4/10/2014; Finished at last!! I made a few mistakes here and there, but overall very happy with it 🙂





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