Knitted Graham Hat

Hat #12 is finished!  My hat-making progress has slowed down because I’ve been working on a couple of bigger projects, but I managed to squeak in this hat:

For some reason, I thought I only had 100 or so yards of yarn, so I was deathly afraid of running out of yarn.  Instead of knitting to 7 inches before starting the decreases, I only knitted to 6 inches.  When I was done, the hat didn’t have enough “slouch”, and I ended up having leftover yarn…oh well.  If I fold up the brim, it fits perfectly as a beanie.  I will maybe try this hat again with a bit more yarn, so I don’t feel so anxious about running out.




Knitted Summer Love Wrap

I struggled with this one at first.  I started knitting by throwing the yarn, and I kept messing up with the yarn-overs.  So I switched to Continental, and at first, I really struggled because I’m just learning to knit that way.  But after a while, I got the hang of it, and I didn’t mess up my yarn-overs when knitting that way.

And after a while, I got used to the lace pattern, so it got easier.  I think I want to make this again, but with beads!  (my latest fascination).


Crochet – Hat With Brim

I kind of struggled with this one, for some reason.  My gauge was off – I went from too small, to too big, back to too small, and finally ended up with a little big.  Actually, when I first finished, I thought it was going to be really big.  But after I put it on my model head, it didn’t seem too big.

I started by following the pattern exactly, and it was looking too small. So I ripped back, and did 3 extra increase rounds.  The hat seemed way too big.  So I ripped back again and did 1 extra increase round.  Uh oh….the hat’s looking small again.  So, once again, I ripped back and ended up doing 2 extra increase rounds.  That one seems to work: