Crocheted Hat with Scarf

Hat #14 is a crocheted hat with a scarf woven through it.


The crown shaping seemed a bit wonky to me….so much so I kept thinking I was doing something wrong.  But I took a closer look at some of the other project pictures on Ravelry, and saw that they all kind of look like that so I just went with it.

Then, when I first finished, I put it on my head, and was like WHOA, THIS HAT IS HUGE.  But after I threaded the scarf through it, it fit much better.  I guess it’s supposed to be loose so that you can tie a scarf around it and not have it become too tight?

And here it is:





I really wish I could have found a thinner more “airy” scarf for it, but this was all I could find.  Hopefully, the recipient will be able to find a better scarf and make this hat all it can be 🙂

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