Knitted Celtic Knot Necklace

I made this one for my sister for her birthday.

She loves the color green, and she’s kind of into mystical stuff, so I thought she would really like this.  The knitting part is super easy – it’s just an I-cord.  I struggled with the knot a little bit, and I still think it doesn’t look quite right, but it’s not bad for my first venture in “macrame” (is that what it’s called?)



celtic-heart-knot_3 celtic-heart-knot_4I chose this heart pendant because it looks a little big gothic, which my sister likes.  And the red on the pendant looks really great next to the green (sorry the pictures don’t really do it justice).


5/3/2014 Update: I gave it to my sister today – she loved it 🙂  She was already talking about outfits she could wear with it, yay!

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