Double-Knitting “Quilt”

So, I became recently fascinated with the technique called double-knitting.  I always enjoy learning a new technique, and I love the reversible nature of the finished products.  But I didn’t want to bog myself down with trying to do something in the round, so I thought I’d make squares, and stitch them together to make a “quilt.”  I am so excited by this project idea!

But I need to find charts that are all about the same size, or that I can adapt to be the same size so that I can make consistent squares.  I am thinking of either a Hawaiian theme, or some sort of tribal theme.

Here’s one chart I found so far:

It’s 50 stitches wide by 30 stitches high.  I wonder if I can square it up and make it 40 by 40?

I’d like to find 2 -3 different charts, then I’ll use some solid squares and mix the different patterned squares in my quilt somehow.  I wonder if this would work???

8/7/2014 Update; I finally casted on for a practice double knitting square, and boy, was it a doozy!  I frogged and re-tried 3 times!  I think I finally got the cast-on this morning.  I used the Judy’s Magic Cast-On method that’s been adapted for double knitting.  Here’s the video:

She goes kind of fast – especially for someone who’s never done this type of cast-on before, even for regular knitting.  But I paused the video a lot, and watched it over and over.  I think I got it 🙂  I guess I’ll see tonight when I actually try knitting up a few rows!

8/9/2014 Update; OK, so here’s my very first double-knitting project, a practice butterfly.  I made a few mistakes, and after I had started doing it, I saw a video on how to make the edges cleaner:

Next time I’ll have try that method.

But here’s how my butterfly came out.

double-knit-butterfly_1 double-knit-butterfly_2

It took me about 4 tries to get the cast-on worked out.  And then once I had to frog because I realized I didn’t cast on enough stitches.  But I think I’ve got the hang of it now.  Just need to keep practicing!

3/2/2015; I had tried my hand at double-knitting again with this pattern:

Hot-cuppa_1 Hot-cuppa_2

Can you see my mistakes?  LOL  And my stitches are still loose and wonky.  I guess I have to keep practicing!


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