Crocheted Wyvern Dragon

One thing I have discovered is that I can’t stand amigurumi…LOL.  All those tight little fiddly stitches, and all the sewing!  But, I just can’t help myself.  I keep seeing all these cute crocheted critters and I just have to try it.

So the result of my last venture into amigurumi is this little guy:





Boy, was he a lot of work!  But he’s cute isn’t he?

I’ll have to go out and get some fabric glue and make some emergency stitch repairs in some spots though.  I would say the worst part was crocheting all those narrow “tubes” of 5 sc in the round.  Man, is that every fiddly!

Here’s the pattern (not free):



Gradient Color Attempt

My latest obsession has been gradient color.  I saw this project page on Ravelry and just fell in love with the color effect:

Thus, began my search for gradient yarn.  My search led me mostly to Etsy shops for hand-dyed and/or hand-painted yarns, which run about $30 per hank or skein.  Well, I had wanted to knit this dress for my daughter in a gradient color:

which meant I would need about 1000 yards of yarn!  That was just a little too rich for my blood.  So, I kept searching and researching, and somehow, I came across something that specified how to create a gradient transition when changing yarn colors.  It went something like this:

1 to 2 rows of new color

3 to 4 rows of old color

3 to 4 rows of new color

1 to 2 rows of old color

Then continue with new color.  All right!  This sounded promising.  So, I purchased some cotton yarn from Knit Picks (cotton because we live in Hawaii and I just didn’t want the dress to be too hot).  I chose 3 colors I thought looked good together and decided to try this gradient transitioning between colors.

Well, I finally got to the first color change and here is what happened:


Ummm….not what I wanted 😦  Don’t get me wrong…the colors are very pretty, and the yarn (Knit Picks Comfy Worsted) is oh so very yummy….but this is not gradient, haha.

So, I had come across a posting on Ravelry that mentioned that gradient color can be achieved by knitting with 2 strands held together, and changing out one of the strands for color change.  I will continue my quest to achieve gradient coloring in my next project.  I think I’ll look for a simple scarf pattern that requires sport weight or fingering weight yarn, and then try knitting it with 2 strands of lace held together.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, this dress needs to be finished!


8/15/2014 Update: Finished….but….

This was a total fail 😦  First, the colors…uggh, nice colors individually, but the way I put them together….ick.  And what’s with the TINY neckline? Obviously I did something terribly wrong.  Too bad, the yarn is lovely.




Not to mention….the gradient color thingy didn’t work at all 😦

Knitted Simple Hat

Hat #18 I decided to keep simple.  I used this aptly named pattern:

I used a sport weight Malabrigo yarn in a color way called Stonechat….very, very nice.


Unfortunately, I’m still learning to use my digital camera, (and I’m not a very good photographer), so the picture doesn’t really do it justice.  I’m quite happy with this one.  I’ll definitely be making more hats with this pattern.

And now, I finally understand what the big deal is about Malabrigo 🙂


Update: For Hat #24, I revisited this pattern and used what remains of my Berroco stash.




I had not originally intended to use the white, but nervous toward the end that I was going to run out of yarn.  I ended up having some blue left over, so I probably could have left it all blue, but oh well.

Knitted Pasha Hat

Hat #17: Pasha Hat.

Once again….too small.  I was thinking to myself…”why am I having such a problem with gauge lately”?  And then I noticed that I had used the wrong needle size for the larger needle – Aiyaa!   The pattern said US6, 4 mm.  Well, I just saw the 4 and used a US4!




Fits OK on my daughter, as you can see….it just doesn’t look anything like the pattern picture.  Oh well….the pattern was nice though.  The lace portion was not too difficult.  I’ll probably try this again with a different yarn and the correct sized needles!

BTW, the yarn was a little strange.  It’s some stash yarn I had called Limerick by Wisdom Yarns.  It’s listed as worsted weight, but it really doesn’t feel like it.  And it’s not plied or twisted….kind of strange.  I think, maybe they call it roving?  Anyway, it was a bit scratchy and “fuzzy” to work with…although that did make it very forgiving for mistakes.

I still have 3 skeins of this stuff!  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it….maybe a lightweight scarf or wrap?


7/1/2014 Update; For Hat #19, I decided to give the Pasha hat another try.  This time I used Jojoland Baritone, a 100% wool, worsted weight.




And guess what????  I forgot to change needles to the bigger one again!!  Oh well….still nice enough to gift.


Knitted Knotty But Nice Hat

Hat #16 is a hat with LOTS of cables:

It had LOTS of cables… one point, I was in despair with all the cables.  But eventually, the cables got easier, and before I knew it, I was done.  And viola!





I made a few mistakes here and there, but overall, I am happy with the hat.  It fits a bit snuggly on one part of the hat – I think I may have stitched the cables really tightly because I has a bit paranoid about making the cables neat.

Next time, I just need to remember not to pull too tightly on the cables.  Good learning experience, though.  And great cable practice!


Knitted Wild Leaves Hat

For Hat #15, I decided at the last minute to sign up for a monthly KAL on Ravelry.  The KAL was for making this hat:

I thought, cool – I have some DK yarn in my stash, and I get to try my first KAL, and take care of May Hat #15 as well.  Wooo!  Was this hat a doozy!  There were many stitches I wasn’t used to like, purl 2 together through back loops!

And maybe part of the problem was that I was stitching too tightly because my hat came out teeny tiny.  So small, it wouldn’t fit on my model head 😦

Here it is:




I also seriously messed up something because the stitches don’t look right – and there are holes where they shouldn’t be!  Ah well….that’s what I get for trying to rush through a project!


6/9/2014; Update: Got my daughter to put it on for a picture 🙂