Knitted Wild Leaves Hat

For Hat #15, I decided at the last minute to sign up for a monthly KAL on Ravelry.  The KAL was for making this hat:

I thought, cool – I have some DK yarn in my stash, and I get to try my first KAL, and take care of May Hat #15 as well.  Wooo!  Was this hat a doozy!  There were many stitches I wasn’t used to like, purl 2 together through back loops!

And maybe part of the problem was that I was stitching too tightly because my hat came out teeny tiny.  So small, it wouldn’t fit on my model head 😦

Here it is:




I also seriously messed up something because the stitches don’t look right – and there are holes where they shouldn’t be!  Ah well….that’s what I get for trying to rush through a project!


6/9/2014; Update: Got my daughter to put it on for a picture 🙂





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