Knitted Pasha Hat

Hat #17: Pasha Hat.

Once again….too small.  I was thinking to myself…”why am I having such a problem with gauge lately”?  And then I noticed that I had used the wrong needle size for the larger needle – Aiyaa!   The pattern said US6, 4 mm.  Well, I just saw the 4 and used a US4!




Fits OK on my daughter, as you can see….it just doesn’t look anything like the pattern picture.  Oh well….the pattern was nice though.  The lace portion was not too difficult.  I’ll probably try this again with a different yarn and the correct sized needles!

BTW, the yarn was a little strange.  It’s some stash yarn I had called Limerick by Wisdom Yarns.  It’s listed as worsted weight, but it really doesn’t feel like it.  And it’s not plied or twisted….kind of strange.  I think, maybe they call it roving?  Anyway, it was a bit scratchy and “fuzzy” to work with…although that did make it very forgiving for mistakes.

I still have 3 skeins of this stuff!  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it….maybe a lightweight scarf or wrap?


7/1/2014 Update; For Hat #19, I decided to give the Pasha hat another try.  This time I used Jojoland Baritone, a 100% wool, worsted weight.




And guess what????  I forgot to change needles to the bigger one again!!  Oh well….still nice enough to gift.



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