Knitted Pebbles in the Fountain Top

After my epic fail with the Honeysuckle Dress (, I really really wanted to finish something for my daughter to wear.

So I re-focused my efforts and made this:


Plus, I used all of my pink Cascade Cotton Rich. I do have 1/2 a skein of the white left though. The straps look a little weird….so, here’s the story.

I was afraid of running out of pink for the straps so I decided to make them white. After I made the white straps, I felt like I could have made them pink, and really wanted to use up more the pink. So I tried to do an i-cord border…..bleep, ran out of yarn.

So, I ripped out the i-cord border and just did a single crochet edging around in pink instead. Oh well, the rest of the top is still cute 🙂

Knitted Alhambra Hat

This is hat #26!  Woo….getting there (been making hats for Christmas gifts all year long, in case you forgot) 🙂

I decided to do this one so I could use up some wool stash I had and practice Fair Isle.  I didn’t think the colors would look that good together, but that’s what I had on-hand, so that’s what I used.  I actually really like the way it came out!

alhambra-1 alhambra-2 alhambra-3

This was my first time doing corrugated ribbing, and on my first attempt, I brought both yarns back and forth, and ended up with double knitting!  Aaaaah.

So, I frogged back and tried again, this time, not bring either yarn back and forth….bleep, wrong again.

So, I concluded, I must have to bring only the yarn I’m purling with back and forth.  But before I did my third attempt, I decided to confirm via You Tube.  Sure, enough….sigh, should have done that in the first place. 

But I do really love the effect of the corrugated ribbing.  Here’s a close-up of it, just because I like it so much 🙂


Mason Jar Pincushion

The first time I saw this, it was on someone’s blog.  Then I saw another one in a Ravelry thread and got obsessed.  Since then, I’ve been hunting for mason jars and fabric.  First, I couldn’t find anyone who sold just one mason jar.  So, I finally decided to buy a 12-pack, figuring I could always use it for other stuff.  Then, I couldn’t find any fabric I liked.  I finally found some cute fabric at Walmart, of all places.

So, without further adieu (sp?), I finally made one last night (and I have the burned and bubbly finger to show for it).


It wasn’t as easy as they made it look on all those tutorials and You Tube videos I watched.  Still, I got it done, and I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ll be making another one tonight!

Knit: Skyping Beanie

Hat #25: Knitted Skyping Beanie

I loved this pattern – it was simple, but made a really nice effect.  I decided to use up some of my SMC cotton bamboo yarn from stash, and I loved the result.  The hat was very very slouchy, which I liked.

skyping-beanie_1_medium2 skyping-beanie_2_medium2

I like the nice, drapey feel of this, but I’m not so sure it will offer any protection from cold.  Haha.


Update 9/2/2014; I made a second skyping beanie:

skyping-beanie_1 skyping-beanie_2

This one I made with Sirdar Snuggly DK from stash.  I still have almost a skein of this yarn left.  I made this one a little less slouchy.  Very soft, and smushy.


Knitted Water Bottle Holder

I tried out this pattern for possible Christmas gifts:

It’s a possibility I guess.  It was pretty quick, and used up relatively little yarn.  I still have some green yarn left.  It would be a good way to use up my cotton stash.  But, I don’t know…somehow I didn’t enjoy this knit.  Maybe it was all those k2tog’s.

Bishi_1 Bishi_2


By the way, I made the handle long enough to wrap around an adult, so I had to tie it off at the top in order for my daughter to pose for this pic 😉