Knitted Pebbles in the Fountain Top

After my epic fail with the Honeysuckle Dress (, I really really wanted to finish something for my daughter to wear.

So I re-focused my efforts and made this:


Plus, I used all of my pink Cascade Cotton Rich. I do have 1/2 a skein of the white left though. The straps look a little weird….so, here’s the story.

I was afraid of running out of pink for the straps so I decided to make them white. After I made the white straps, I felt like I could have made them pink, and really wanted to use up more the pink. So I tried to do an i-cord border…..bleep, ran out of yarn.

So, I ripped out the i-cord border and just did a single crochet edging around in pink instead. Oh well, the rest of the top is still cute 🙂


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