Crocheted Hand Sanitizer Cozy

Every time I go to 7-Eleven with my daughter, she asks me to buy her one of those rubber hand sanitizer bottle holders, and I always tell her No.  One day she asked me, “why?”  Ummm…..I wasn’t quite sure why.  “Because I can make you one”, I blurted out.  Ah shoots….now I need to make her one.

I did not make the flower…mostly because I was lazy….


But I put a pretty, sparkly button on it, to make up for it 🙂

The pattern was simple enough….my only complaint is that it’s a little big.  Maybe next time, I’ll try changing to an “E” hook (the pattern called for “F”).

Of course, I used some mystery pink cotton from stash, so I may have used the wrong yarn weight.

9/19/2014 Update;
I tried a different pattern for hand sanitizer cozies:

This one fits a lot better – more snuggly.



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