Knitted Entrelac Headband

I used this pattern to make an entrelac headband:

Unfortunately, the pattern instructions really really confused me.  So, instead, I used Sapphire & Purl’s video tutorials on entrelac to make the headband.  I got into a little trouble at the twist because I had to sort of translate the pattern instructions to match Sapphire & Purl’s videos…which seemed reversed (where the pattern says to purl, the videos said to knit).  But somehow I managed.  And the bind off threw me off too because bind off row in the video was done on a right side, but the pattern instructions were for the wrong side.  I sort of fudged it, and I think it turned out OK.

I really didn’t feel like I wanted to make this again, but after finishing it, and looking at it…I kind of like it:

grey-gardens_2 grey-gardens_1

I hope Jenna likes it too!

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