Week In Review: 9/22/2014 – 9/28/2014

Here’s my second weekly report. First off, these were these goals from my last weekly report:

  1. Finish attaching squares for Row #2 on peace sign blanket – not quite done.  I am working on edging the last square for Row #2.
  2. Finish the 2nd sleeve on the cardigan. – done!
  3. Steam block the log cabin blanket square and knit the border. – not quite – I blocked and started the border, but still working on knitting the border
  4. Make 2 more hand sanitizer cozies.- not done
  5. Start the first lace panel on the cardigan. – not done
  6. If, if, if there’s time….Gray Gardens Entrelac Headband.finished!  I also managed to make another headband.  I’ll give all three to Jenna for her birthday, hope she likes them 🙂

So, I did things a bit out of priority.

Goals for this week:

  1. Finish attaching last square for Row #2 on peace sign blanket.
  2. Finish knitting border on log cabin blanket square.
  3. Start first lace panel on cardigan.
  4. Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies.
  5. Make another headband.
  6. Finish lace panel on cardigan.
  7. Attach squares for Row #3 on peace sign blanket.
  8. Start 2nd block for log cabin blanket.

There…that should be enough!

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