Week In Review – 10/6/2014 – 10/12/2014

Here were my goals last week:

  1. Peace Sign Blanket – I finished the edging on the last square of the 3rd row, I just need to attach it.  And I also edged the first square of the 4th row.  Hopefully, I can get all the way through the 4th row this week.  I had a little hiccup because I ran out of black, and had to – (gasp!)  buy some more.
  2. Make Fable Fingerless Mitts – I actually changed my mind on this one and decided to make the Align Mitts instead.  For 2 reasons: 1.  I saw the Very Pink Knits video on the Align Mitts, and it looked like a simple project that I could handle, and 2.  I noticed that the Fable mitts were done flat and then seamed.  No!!!!  No Seaming!!!! I am just about done with the first Align Mitt – just need to do the thumb.
  3. Lace Panel on Cardigan – Didn’t get to this.  My focus is really on the peac sign blanket for October.

I did also work a bit on my log cabin scrap blanket, and I ended up (double gasp!) buying a little more yarn because I just didn’t have enough scraps to finish my 2nd square.  I bought one very pretty light blue skein, and one brown-ish color skein.  I also asked my dear sister if she had any Caron scraps lying around that she wasn’t going to use.  She said she should be able to get me some next week Sunday.  That should help!

My goals for this week:

  1. Peace Sign Blanket – Get all the way through Row 4 (the blue squares).
  2. Finish Align Mitts
  3. Lace Panel on Cardigan – Can I at least get started on making one????
  4. Wrap Jenna’s headbands (her birthday is coming up next month)
  5. Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies (gotta get started on those Christmas gifts!)

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