Week In Review: 10/20/2014 – 10/26/2014

My goals for last week:

  • Finish Row 5 of the Peace Sign Blanket: Done!
  • Finish Row 6 of the Peace Sign Blanket: I ran into a bit of a hiccup because I ran out of black yarn on Wednesday, and I forgot to go to Walmart to buy more on Thursday.  So, I didn’t work on the blanket on Thursday and Friday.  I finally got more black yarn on Saturday, but didn’t start working on it until Saturday night.  But I did get 3 squares edged, and I just need to attach them.  Then I need to edge the last 2 squares.  Then I need to do the final edging around the whole thing.  Whew!
  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands: I didn’t quite get to this, but I did buy the gift bag 🙂
  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies: I didn’t get to this.
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan: I didn’t get to this either.

Last night, I was sitting around wondering what I was going to do with the tiny tiny tiny scrap amounts of yarn that I have.  It’s not quite enough to do the scrap blanket with, but it seems like too much to throw away.  So, I ended up making a coffee cup sleeve with my leftover gray and blue Caron, and I ended up using up the gray!  Finally!

My goals for this week:

  • Finish the Peace Sign Blanket
  • Finish coffee cup sleeve
  • Make a bunch more coffee cup sleeves – how much scrap yarn can I use up?
  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands
  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan.

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