Catch-Up Post 3/2/2015

I’ve been very, very quiet, I know.  I guess I was burned out from all the projects last year, and I just didn’t want to create any extra pressure on myself – just wanted to enjoy knitting and crocheting 🙂

So, this is a catch-up post, to recap what I’ve been doing.

First up, I made these fingerless mitts – colorful, aren’t they?  I thought it would look fun and pretty because I really loved the yarn (Red Heart With Love Multi in Fruit Punch).  But….somehow, didn’t translate to the mitts.  Is this the pooling problem?


I also joined a Hat-a-thon in the Stash Knit Down group, and made 3 hats:

In-Between Seasons Hat

This one came out a bit small…and it didn’t use up nearly as much yarn as I’d hoped (I’ve embarked on a stash-down this year).

Kit-Kat Hat

I had made the Kit-Kat hat for DD, and she loved them so much, she asked for matching mitts to go with them.  But I had used up all my Caron Simply Soft Party in Snow Sparkle for the hat.  So I hunted online and checked Wal-Mart, but it seemed this particular colorway was out of stock everywhere!  Then some generous Raveler told me she had a skein and would send it to me in the mail!  I just cannot get over the generosity of people on Ravelry!


A Hat Made With Love

I really really loved how this one came out.  The colors were pretty, AND I used up all of these two yarns I had left in stash, yay!


I also made this double-knit coaster, mainly to use up more scraps, and for dk practice.

Hot-Cuppa Coasters

Unfortunately, it seems I need a lot more practice!  My stitches are all kinda loose and wonky when I double-knit, and thus, the “picture” is not as pretty as it should be.  Oh well, I’ll keep practicing I guess.

Hot-cuppa_1 Hot-cuppa_2

I do like this snowflake pillow cover I made, even though it actually came out too small for my pillow.  I sort of smushed the pillow in there, but I guess I need to find a smaller pillow form 🙂


This Unforgettable Hat made me reconsider the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn.  At first, I didn’t really care for it, but boy the colors are beautiful, and this hat really brings out the pretty colors.

And lastly, I used up what I had left of my Lion Brand Thick & Quick Super Bulky yarn with this pillow cover.  Yay!

Oh wait, how could I forget that I finally, finally finished my New York Cardigan!

So, that’s about it.  Right now, I’m working on those mitts with the generously donated Snow Sparkle yarn.  I also have OTN:

  • A bolero using my Reggia Lace (held double)

  • A cover for my new Tassimo machine.  I’m not really using a pattern, just trying to make a big rectangle piece with some cotton yarn and the Linen Stitch….(we’ll see how it turns out).

  • Still going with my Fairy Illusion blanket

  • Still making squares for my Log Cabin blanket

  • A shawl for my sister

And I want to start on a Halloween Bag for DD using this pattern:

I’m going to use some purple Caron SS I have in stash, and then try to cross-stitch on a Cat pattern using the Red Heart Reflective that I just bought today (gasp!).  I’ve never tried cross stitching onto a crocheted material before, so I’m not sure how this will turn out, but I’m excited to try!

Week in Review: 10/27/2014 – 11/2/2014

Last week’s goals:

  • Finish the Peace Sign Blanket – Done!  Finally, finally done!  I’m super happy, but it looks a bit small in the picture.  Now to figure out what to do with it.  My daughter has already asked for it, so maybe I should just give it to her, even though the last thing she needs is another blanket.  Ha!
  • Finish coffee cup sleeve – Done!  I finished it last week, and even used it.  My only complaint: it’s not as grippy as those cardboard sleeves they give you Starbucks, so my cup kept sliding.
  • Make a bunch more coffee cup sleeves – how much scrap yarn can I use up? – Not done.  I was too busy playing around with other patterns.
  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands – Not done.  OMG, what is wrong with me??  All I have to do is put it in the dang gift bag!
  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies1/2 done!  I did manage to squeak out one.
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan. – Not done.  Agggh, I think I’m bored with this one.  I just can’t bring myself to work on this.

In other news….

  • I made a crocheted daisy flower towel holder, mostly as a way to use up some scraps and to see if it’s feasible to make as Christmas gifts.
  • I also spent most of my weekend starting up the Phoenix filet crochet project again.  But after I got to Row 10, I realized that I’m totally going to run out of yarn.  So I scrapped it (again), and started making a gift bag with the same yarn this morning.  I’m hoping to finally use up my Lorna’s Laces by making a bunch of little bags….as long as I don’t get too bored!

This week’s goals

  • Make more hand sanitizer cozies
  • Make gift bags
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan
  • Give Jenna her headbands
  • Make some towel holders
  • Start up Phoenix filet crochet project again with different yarn
  • Find more ways to use scraps!

Crocheted Towel Holder

Yet another project I tried for scraps!  Hmmmm, maybe these could be used as Christmas gifts?  I’ll have to make them much nicer, though. crochet-towel-holder_medium2 Oh, and here’s the pattern page:

Update 3/2/2015;

OK, this fell apart after hanging a few days by my kitchen sink.  I guess the hair ties used for the rings just aren’t strong enough!  I can’t give these away as gifts!

I think I’ll try to learn how to chain stitch right onto the towel and create towel toppers.  This video by the Crochet Geek looks promising:

Crocheted Clothes Hanger Cover

I was staring at my bag filled with miscellaneous balls of scrap yarn…you know those tiny amounts of scrap that you can’t really make anything with, thinking “what am I going to do with all this scrap?”  So I looked through my Ravelry queue and saw this:—crochet-version

So I gave it a go:


Not too bad….and the best thing, I used up all the black!  Another way to use up scraps!

Week In Review: 10/20/2014 – 10/26/2014

My goals for last week:

  • Finish Row 5 of the Peace Sign Blanket: Done!
  • Finish Row 6 of the Peace Sign Blanket: I ran into a bit of a hiccup because I ran out of black yarn on Wednesday, and I forgot to go to Walmart to buy more on Thursday.  So, I didn’t work on the blanket on Thursday and Friday.  I finally got more black yarn on Saturday, but didn’t start working on it until Saturday night.  But I did get 3 squares edged, and I just need to attach them.  Then I need to edge the last 2 squares.  Then I need to do the final edging around the whole thing.  Whew!
  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands: I didn’t quite get to this, but I did buy the gift bag 🙂
  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies: I didn’t get to this.
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan: I didn’t get to this either.

Last night, I was sitting around wondering what I was going to do with the tiny tiny tiny scrap amounts of yarn that I have.  It’s not quite enough to do the scrap blanket with, but it seems like too much to throw away.  So, I ended up making a coffee cup sleeve with my leftover gray and blue Caron, and I ended up using up the gray!  Finally!

My goals for this week:

  • Finish the Peace Sign Blanket
  • Finish coffee cup sleeve
  • Make a bunch more coffee cup sleeves – how much scrap yarn can I use up?
  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands
  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies
  • Get half-way through lace panels on cardigan.

Week in Review: 10/13/2014 – 10/19/2014

Here were my goals last week:

Done!  I started Row 5 this morning (orange squares).  It’s getting to crunch time, so I need to pick up speed on this!


  • Lace Panel on Cardigan – Can I at least get started on making one????

I started it at least….I didn’t get too far though.

  • Wrap Jenna’s headbands (her birthday is coming up next month)

Didn’t get to this one, but I have time still.

  • Make 2 hand sanitizer cozies (gotta get started on those Christmas gifts!)

Didn’t get to this one either.

Goals for This Week:

My First Fingerless Mitts

I’ve always wanted to try a fingerless mitts pattern, and the October contest in the Stash Knit Down group was to make mitts or mittens, so….PERFECT.

I used this pattern:–align-mitts

And here are mine:


The trouble I had was with the m1R’s.  The pattern calls for a m1L, followed by a number of knit stitches, then a m1R – this creates the increases for the thumb.  But after all my m1R’s there is a gap – see below:


I’ve asked in Ravelry how to remedy this, and I’ve gotten back various responses.  Some said I’m pulling too tightly, some say I should try just doing a m1L there instead of a m1R.  Any other ideas?