Crocheted Towel Holder

Yet another project I tried for scraps!  Hmmmm, maybe these could be used as Christmas gifts?  I’ll have to make them much nicer, though. crochet-towel-holder_medium2 Oh, and here’s the pattern page:

Update 3/2/2015;

OK, this fell apart after hanging a few days by my kitchen sink.  I guess the hair ties used for the rings just aren’t strong enough!  I can’t give these away as gifts!

I think I’ll try to learn how to chain stitch right onto the towel and create towel toppers.  This video by the Crochet Geek looks promising:

Crocheted Clothes Hanger Cover

I was staring at my bag filled with miscellaneous balls of scrap yarn…you know those tiny amounts of scrap that you can’t really make anything with, thinking “what am I going to do with all this scrap?”  So I looked through my Ravelry queue and saw this:—crochet-version

So I gave it a go:


Not too bad….and the best thing, I used up all the black!  Another way to use up scraps!

Crocheted Slippers for Mom

I wanted to make my mom a pair of house slippers for Christmas, so I tried out this pattern:

These are super cute, but I don’t know what all those Ravelers are talking about by saying this is a quick and easy project!  Not so, for me.  First, my gauge was so off.  I first tried making the size 6-7 because my Mom and I wear the same sized shoes – which is between a 6 and 6 1/2.  And impatient little me, of course, did not check the gauge before completing the slippers.  After I finished, I tried them on, and they were waaaay too small!

So, I gave that pair to my 6-year old DD, who fits them perfectly.

Next, I tried the size 7-8.  But after I made the sole, I measured it, and the sizing was still way off.

So then I tried making the size 8-9.  That still seemed a little small, but I went with it anyway.  I think they will fit, at least I hope so.

Here’s how they look on my ugly feet:


I originally wanted to make blue slippers with gray accent, which is what I did on the first pair, but then after the first pair, I was afraid of running out of blue, so I reversed the colors.  Not as nice, but still super cute.

Great pattern, but I hate seaming, and there are a lot of parts to put together.  First you make 2 left soles, and 2 right soles,  Then you make the top and sides of the slipper, then you edge the top and sides.  Then you stitch the soles to the top and sides you just made.  I made these in a couple of days, but I don’t know, it felt like a lot of work.  Maybe because I’m a crochet wuss, haha!

Crocheted Soup Can Pencil Cup

I was fiddling around a little bit this weekend, and I made this:


I am so super happy with this, not because it’s so nice, but because I did it without following a pattern!

I got the inspiration from this Ravelry project: but I didn’t want to make it flat and then seam the sides (because I’m terrible at seaming).  So I figured out how to do it in the round….all by my little self 🙂

Seasoned crocheters will probably laugh, but it really was a big deal for me 🙂  And it fit so perfectly!  OK, I’ll stop patting my own back now.   Thank you for listening 🙂

Crocheted Hand Sanitizer Cozy

Every time I go to 7-Eleven with my daughter, she asks me to buy her one of those rubber hand sanitizer bottle holders, and I always tell her No.  One day she asked me, “why?”  Ummm…..I wasn’t quite sure why.  “Because I can make you one”, I blurted out.  Ah shoots….now I need to make her one.

I did not make the flower…mostly because I was lazy….


But I put a pretty, sparkly button on it, to make up for it 🙂

The pattern was simple enough….my only complaint is that it’s a little big.  Maybe next time, I’ll try changing to an “E” hook (the pattern called for “F”).

Of course, I used some mystery pink cotton from stash, so I may have used the wrong yarn weight.

9/19/2014 Update;
I tried a different pattern for hand sanitizer cozies:

This one fits a lot better – more snuggly.


Crocheted Little Sister Hat

This is it – my last 2014 Christmas hat!  Yay!

I intended this to be for Dave’s little one, Kimmy – I think she’s probably 4 or 5 now?  But it came out so big! 


Ah well.  For the flower, I used the flower pattern here:–crocodile-stitch-double-layered-flower

My flower didn’t come out as pretty as I’d hoped, but it’s still cute.  Just not sure who would wear a hat with a giant flower liek this, haha.